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Prescot Festival 2015 12th year.Prescot Festival 2016 17.06.16 Swing BandPrescot Festival 18.06.16Prescot Festival 2016 Wigan Youth Brass bandPrescot festival 21.06.16  Folk Night  Poco Cafe FOR FESTIVAL ADMIN STAFF .Prescot Festival 21.06.16 Folk Night Poco CafePrescot festival 18.06.16  Swingshift Big Band Public filePrescot Festival 24.06.16 barn Dance st Pauls  admin folderPrescot Festival 24.06.16 Barn dance with Change of KeyPrescot Festival 26.06 2016 Birkenhead Operatic Society admin fileBOST Birkenhead Operatic Society Trust 26.06 15  Prescot Festival No flash used in these images as during performancePrescot Festival 2017 Bentley Operatic SocietyBentley PrescotChilled lemons fro David K